Black Magic Car Wax Reviews: Do the Pros Recommend it?

January 27, 2012

Black Magic car wax has made its name in the industry. The company offers a variety of car waxes for keeping the newest and best vehicles in great condition and showing off a brilliant paint job. But how do auto experts really feel about this popular car wax brand? The old pros who deal with automotive exteriors every day might not part with their tips of the trade easily, but a look at industry resources and consumer reports can show how different auto waxes are rated, and how good different car wax products are commonly considered to be.

Black Magic Car Wax Reviews

Lots of the reviews and tests of different car wax types by auto professionals reveal Black Magic car wax to be among the top choices for a liquid car wax option. Black Magic's liquid wax has won accolades, including an "excellent" rating from Consumer Reports, where Black Magic car wax ratings for its liquid wax were pretty impressive. Black Magic Wet Shine Liquid Wax was tied for top place with Turtle Wax Carnauba in a test of dozens of car waxes. The pros found that even pricier car wax products did not deliver the same shine that these two liquid waxes did, and rated Black Magic high for general quality among the best car wax products available on the market.

Pro Tips on Liquid Waxes

Auto professionals are quick to explain that there are different kinds of car waxes for different situations. Liquid wax is great for visual appeal and durability, but it can be difficult to apply evenly, making this wax a top choice for professional body shops where pros are skilled in applying car wax products.

Another option is paste car waxes. These waxes are generally easier to apply. They may not last quite as long, but for those who want an easier application, paste car wax products can leave a car looking better when the job is finished. Some have reported problems with applying paste waxes from a can, as it can be difficult to remove all of the product. Still, some pros like it for ease of use.

Spray waxes are another choice that may be right for sensitive paint jobs. These waxes are less extreme in application. They generally have less of an impact on the paint, and so they may be right for newer cars where the paint still needs to "settle".

In general, experts counsel beginners to try to avoid waxes that will leave dry residue that takes additional work to buff off of a vehicle. It's also important to wash the car directly before waxing to make sure any excess debris or material is removed from the paint surface.

Waxing vehicles correctly involves a bit of a learning curve, so for those who are just starting out, it may be a better choice to go with easily applied types of wax. Take a look at publicly available guides and tutorials, and take the job slow to really understand how the waxes adhere to the paint surface. If the idea of experimenting with different waxes on your high-dollar luxury car is off-limits, find another vehicle to practice on. With time and effort, your wax applications will improve, and your best ride will look even better.

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Does Black Magic Make an Auto Detailing Clay Bar or Anything Close to that?

An auto detailing clay bar can deep clean the outer coat of your car and make the finish cleaner and sharper. There are many brands in the market you can choose from, but Black Magic is a reputable brand too. Black Magic has several detailing products and car wash products, but they don't make clay bars. There are several good brands like Clay Magic and Meguiar's clay that work just as well. The Mother's Bar seems to work just as well too. The Black Magic brand has other great detailing products that you can choose from.

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