Blue Car Wax: Tips for Waxing Blue Cars

January 27, 2012

Are you looking for tips that can help you use blue car wax? That shiny car appearance can be achieved with these helpful tips. Car waxes come in several different primary bases and can have a different effect after the vehicle has been properly waxed. An option that is available for waxing would be to purchase either the gel or hard wax.

You can find these waxes at an online store or at your favorite auto shop. If you have a vehicle that has scratches or nicks on it, you can simply fill them in with the wax. They are commonly called color cure waxes, because of the outcome. Color match car waxes are important, because it is completely changing the way your car looks. Turtle Wax Color Cure is a popular choice for anyone looking to purchase a wax brand.

Wash before Waxing

It is always best to wash your car before applying any kind of wax to the vehicle. Use a dry and clean towel to get all of the watermarks off the body of the car. Sunlight will also affect your car when waxing, so it is best to perform this task in the shade or away from direct sunlight.

Use Vehicle Cover

Blue cars typically generate a lot of heat, because of the deep color. It naturally attracts more ultra violet rays. One of the best things to do after applying wax is to place a vehicle cover over your car. If you do this it will allow any car wax to completely settle and seal.

Use Highly Color Rich Wax

Make sure that all waxes used are highly color rich. If you purchase a regular wax that can be used for every color car, you are not going to get the best results. General car waxes are a great idea for anyone that is in search of a quick fix. It is important to use chemicals that are best suited for your car.

Choose the Right Type of Paint Job

You should also take note of which type of paint job your blue car has. There is the base clear paint job or the acrylic enamel paint job. Most cars have a base clear coat on them, so you have to pick your wax accordingly. You can test to see which kind your vehicle has by opening the driver side door and testing on the lower panel. If the color on your cloth matches the same color on the interior panel and the exterior color of your vehicle, you have an acrylic enamel base coat. You can also find out which wax is right by reading the label on the car wax bottle.

Be sure to follow the special directions listed on the back of the car wax products. Be sure to store all wax and automobile chemicals at room temperature to avoid product damage.

Related Questions and Answers

What are the Top Rated Car Wax Products for Blue Car Paint?

The right top rated car wax that you can use on your car will depend on the paint that is used on your car. But here is a selection of good car wax companies that you can choose from. Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax is one product that has been specially designed for color rich car paint jobs. This glossy Carnuaba wax and Brazilian wax combination is the best waterless shine product for deep tinted cars. Turtle Wax cure is another hot favorite. This popular multicolor wax is ideal for colored cars, and it comes in chip sticks and a colored stick. Other popular and hardy brands for colored cars include Meguiar's, Black Magic, Zymol, Pinnacle and Surf City.

What are Some Waterless Car Cleaning Products You Can Use with Car Wax?

There are many products that work on the waterless car cleaning method. For example, you can use Optima No Rinse ONR that is mixed with a bucket of water. It rinses the car just like a normal soap, but requires no additional water to wash off. Another good product is the Groits Waterless Spray On Car Wash which requires no water at all. It also tends to leave a nice shine on the car after you wash off. The product is also good for the environment. There are many more products you can choose from, like the Freedom Waterless Car Wash and the Dri Wash N' Guard Water Car Wash that work just as well.

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