Car Battery Weight: Average Weight Expectations for Popular Models

January 27, 2012

Car battery weight is important to consider if you're looking for high level performance. The more a car weighs, the more the car will weigh as a whole. Thus, it will not be as fast or as strong. There are a lot of different weights you may encounter for your vehicle, so the information below will help you determine if you want to save some pounds or not. 

Light Weight Batteries

Light weight batteries can be great in small cars or vehicles looking to save perform better. You do need to be careful that you get a car battery size that will at least power your car. There is such a thing as getting something too small. Nevertheless, you can expect a light weight version to be anywhere from ten to twenty pounds. The Hawker Genesis line is great here, as are some of the models offered by Universal Battery.

Standard Batteries

Most standard battery models are around 40-60 pounds. The ones you can use will be determined by the model of vehicle you have and the car battery charge you need, but some popular brands include Die Hard, Duralast, Equalizer, Ever Start, and True Start. Some of them may not be compatible with your car, so always check the specs before making a purchase.

Empty Batteries

If you have to move an empty car battery, it will likely weigh 15 pounds. That of course depends on how big it was to begin with, but that is an average for standard cores. Light weight models may be as light as 6-7 pounds.

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