Car Paint Design: 4 Popular Looks and Creative Ideas for Your Own Inspiration

January 27, 2012

There's nothing better than a custom car paint job, but you can make yours even better by bringing in a custom car paint design. Most cars are nothing special when it comes to color, and even custom jobs can look a little bland and boring when you are using the same old paint jobs. One of the best ways to get the most out of your custom job is to get an exciting car paint design that can really make your car stand out from the crowd. In order to get the right design, you need to know what the most popular paint designs are.


An old design, but one of the longest serving, and still very popular. In order to keep up with the current fashions, you should look at the length of the flame, and the particular colors. While in previous decades the flame was quite short and hugged the wheels of the car, the most popular modern versions of this is a longer, more extensive flame that can even go up to the hood of the car. You should try using more reds and yellows in your paint job, rather than a simple orange color for the car.


Another popular design is of animals, particularly large, strong animals such as the mustang or the bald eagle. You may also choose other animals such as the rhino, the elephant, or perhaps even an extinct species such as the tyrannosaurus rex. The picture of the animal can also feature the pattern of the skin along the side of the car, for example a zebra's coat can be repeated as black and white stripes along the doors and frame. As well as extinct animals, it is becoming more usual to see fantasy creatures, such as dragons, on cars. They can be combined with features such as flames for an interested paint job theme.

Skulls and Swords

Along with animals and flames, the darker side of the popular car paint design features skulls, swords and other tattoo-style art jobs. These became popular when car buffs started looking to motorcycle custom jobs for ideas. The skull with roses is one typical example of a popular motorbike paint design which is now featured on cars. Swords and viking-style art is also very popular with some car drivers, and can give a car a very exciting look.

Tattoo Themes

Other tattoo themes are also popular with modern car paint design fans. These designs tend to be taken from the traditional tattoo styles, so you may see murals of 50's pin-ups, sailor art such as flags, anchors and ships, and scenery such as mountaintops. More modern designs have taken the interest in tattoos to a new level, and include guns, city scapes and musical images. If you are interested in tattoo theme designs for your car, you should try looking in tattoo books and websites for images and colors that you can use in your car.