Car Paint Job Cost: Average Prices to Consider

January 12, 2017

If you are considering getting your car repainted, then you may be wondering about the average car paint job cost, which can seriously effect how much of the car you will want to be repainted, If you do not have a lot of spare cash, then you should consider that the car paint job cost will eat into your budget, and it might be worth your time to try and find a new alternative to this problem. While the price of your car paint job will vary, depending upon the state you live in and the types of options available to you, you may be able to work out the average price of your car paint job by looking at the sections here, and working out what you need.

Touch-up Repair Jobs

If you don't need to have a full body repaint, but simply one of the panels needs redoing, after a scratch or dent, for example, then you should not expect to pay more than a couple of hundred dollars, even if your car is new and the paint is that much rarer. New car paint costs can sometimes be higher than the average, as the work is that much more intense, as they will need to give the car the same smooth finish as the rest of the body. A touch up repair job on most cars should not be too difficult, however, and you may get the best deal out of your car by simply having one part of the body repainted.

Full Body Repaint Jobs

These can be much more expensive than the panel repair, as the car will probably need a great deal more preparation, finishing and other products applied, which will make the work that more time consuming and arduous. You may be lucky, and come across a garage in your area that is offering a cut price paint job on certain types of car, but most often you can expect to pay close to a thousand dollars for any significant paint job on your vehicle.

Preparing the Car

Aside from the paint itself, your car will need to have certain work performed on it in order to ensure that it can take the paint and look good when the job is done. Preparation will involve cleaning the car, stripping off any old paint, and sanding down dents and rust marks. If you have a problem with your car, dents and so on can make a serious difference to the price of a car paint job.


The finish of your car will also add to the total car paint job cost. Finishes such as waxes and shine will need to be applied to the coat of paint after it has been added in order to make it look new, and if you are only having the body panel painted, in order to make it fit with the appearance of the rest of the car.

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