Car Paint Repair: Average Costs for Common Repairs

January 27, 2012

If you need car paint repair for your vehicle, you should be aware of what prices are for common types of paint damage or scratch repair jobs. Whether you need to a have a total repaint due to a collision or simply need to have a paint touch up because of a few scratches, having an idea of what the job will cost you is always helpful.

Total Repainting Jobs

There may come a time that you need to repaint your entire vehicle. You may choose to paint the vehicle the same color, or you may ask for a totally new color. There are many paint shops that can paint your car for you as well as many types of paint that can be used to do the job.

While the price you pay for a total repaint will depend on many variables, such as the shop that does the work, the quality of paint and the amount of preparation work involved, it is possible to provide a ballpark estimate of what you can expect to pay.

Economy Paint Jobs

Repaint jobs done by shops like Earl Scheib or Maaco will usually run you between $250 and $400. For this price, you can expect a repaint of your vehicle for all visible areas. However, these types of economy paint jobs usually don't include hidden areas such as the interior engine area or inside the trunk. Economy paint jobs usually are done with cheaper brands of one stage paint. One stage paint is usually an enamel based paint and does not come with a clear coat protectant.

Custom Total Repaint Jobs

If you want to have your vehicle totally repainted and want to have better quality paints used for the work, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $5,000. For this price, you can expect to receive a paint job that involves painting the entire vehicle (not just visible areas), and can expect quality brand name paint to be used. These types of paint jobs will usually be done in two coats: the first is a base coat and the second is a clear coat that offers more protection for the paint finish.

Accident Damage Painting

If your vehicle is involved in an accident, you may only need to have a particular area repainted. Typically, fender benders will usually require the repaint of a bumper, a car door or maybe even a quarter panel. Here is a list of prices you can expect to pay for painting areas commonly damaged in an accident:

  • Bumper painting - $150 to $300
  • Door repaint - $100 to $500
  • Painting of a quarter panel - $150 to $750
  • Hood painting - $200 to $1,000

Minor Paint Repairs

If you need to repair paint damage caused by minor scratches, you could take your vehicle to a paint repair shop and spend about $100 to $200 to have the work done. However, you can usually do the work yourself and save a lot of money. If you purchase an auto paint pen or paint touch up kit from the dealership, you can usually complete the work in a couple of hours and spend only about $30 or $40 for the entire job.

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