Car Paint Suppliers: The Best Companies That Offer the Best Price

January 27, 2012

If you are thinking about repainting your car, it's about time that you look at the different paint suppliers out there. While there are some suppliers to avoid, there are several that offer quality paint at affordable prices. You can talk to local car paint shops to see what they use and suggest, or you could also read about some of the top brands listed below. Take your car and budget into consideration and you're sure to make a wise choice.


Dupont is highly known in the car paint world for having top quality paints. The cost of Dupont paint can be steep, so you may want to look elsewhere if you are on a very tight budget. What you must consider though is the fact that these paints are priced high for a reason. It's because the quality of Dupont products just can't be beat. No matter what color you may be need or what finish you are going for, you can bet that Dupont has it for you. They are one of the largest OEM paint suppliers in the country, and this company is one that you can rely on to be around for years.


PPG is another well known name for auto paints because of its durabiltiy and affordability. PPG offers less expensive paint than Dupont, and to get it, you sacrifice minimal quality. PPG is almost as good as Dupont, but it comes at a significantly lower cost. That all depends on the seller though as some people like to bump up the prices a lot on PPG paints. PPG is sold all over the world and is used by a lot of automobile manufacturers, like Ford, because of the low cost. It actually beats Dupont in the number of OEM manufacturers that choose to use the products. With a large range of colors to choose from here, there is no reason to not at least consider PPG in your decision.


3M paint is also great to use on your vehicle, and there are still some manufacturers that use it. 3M is comparatively priced to PPG in some regards, though you can find even more models of the paint if you look into it.3M offers thousands of colors and products for you to choose from, and their products can be found in a lot of retail stores. Quality wise, it is not as good as PPG or Dupont. Thus you may want to look elsewhere if you want something top of the line.


There are mixed reviews about Maaco paint. While it is affordable, there are some places that strongly recommend against using Maaco. There are some people who are plenty pleased with the job though, so you're sort of taking a risk either way. If you have your car painted professionally, you might see what the shop says about Maaco before you invest in it.