Car Paint Touch Up Pens, Kits, and Brushes: Understanding Which Works Best

January 27, 2012

If you notice some issues with your car's exterior, you may be in need of some car paint touch up. There are a variety of ways to go about car paint repair, and some of them work better than others. Some things that you can do to repair the paint job yourself are listed below for your convenience. 

Paint Pens

These are handy little tools that you can actually keep in your car's glove box if need be. They are pens, about the size of a Sharpie, that are filled with the same color paint that is the color of your car. They are very easy to use. Just shake them up like a spray paint can and then go over the damaged area with the pen. You just apply slight pressure for the pen to release the paint. The best way to dry it is to actually take your car for a spin. When it is dried you will be able to tell if it will need a second coat,  and if it does, just repeat the process. An auto paint pen will work best for small scratches, not large ones.

Touch Up Spray Paint

These are special cans of car quality paint that are only about half the size of regular spray paint cans. This type of paint touch up is far better for larger chips or scratches that you car might experience. This is because the spray can has a larger range that it can cover. Before you remove the cap, make sure to shake the can several times before applying. When you go to spray the scratch, do not only aim it directly at the scratch. Do not have the nozzle too close to the are that you are spraying. The distance away from the area is no closer than six inches to the area you are wanting to spray. Should you have the spray can too close, all it will do is spray areas of the car you do not want to have painted. This could really be a problem if the scratched area is near fixtures or lights. You can use a paint scratch remover before you spray over the area for a smoother beginning finish.

Touch Up Kits

The only time you would ever need to use a touch up kit is when the scratches are really small and you could not find the right color in a paint pen. One thing that is important to note is that touch up kits also take a lot more time than paint pens or spray paint. A touch up kit is a kit that has several different colors of paint and a small brush. You choose the paint that is the closest to the color of your car and dip a paint brush in it. Then very carefully paint over the scratch or scratches. When you are done make sure to take a paper towel and dab a little of the paint off the area so that it doesn’t dry into a clump.

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