Cold Air Intake Tips for Adding Horsepower

January 27, 2012

There are many ways of adding horsepower to the engine. Ultimately, the better the engine performance, the more horsepower that can be produced. One particular way is by using a cold air intake, though there are many other fixes that can be used in conjunction with the cold air intake. This is one of the less expensive and easy ways to get more power form the engine.

1. Cold Air is Better

Ultimately cold air is better because it will expand more when it combusts. The warmer the air, the less it will expand when in the pistons. Therefore, chilling air allows for the maximum combustion, which in turn will create more power. Superchargers and turbochargers that are used to increase horsepower will have an intercooler unit that chills the air before it goes into the cylinder.

2. Heat Shield

Heat shields make it possible to boost the horsepower production even further when attached to the cold air intake. This actually is a metal housing that will block any heat being produced by the engine. It is possible to get an additional 2 to 4 horsepower from the already installed cold air intake.

3. Air Flow

Cold air intakes are altogether less constriction, as they come with larger filters than stock intakes. These intakes pull cold air from underneath the car or the bumper. This cold air is very dense and using larger air filters, the air flows very easily into the cylinders. Since the air flow is improved, it can also be a good idea to install cylinder heads that have more than 1 intake valve and 1 exhaust valve. Having 2 or more of these valves allows for air to move more quickly into the cylinder, and for the exhaust to exit faster.

4. Maximize Torque

Most drivers look to increase horsepower so that the torque can be increased. There is a torque and horsepower relationship, and if the engine has a high torque rating, then it is possible to reach very high twisting forces, which in turn make the car go faster. However, to attain a high torque, a high horsepower is needed. This is a basic explanation, as there is more to torque than just the horsepower.

5. Exhaust

Many times back pressure from the exhaust can cause the air flow to slow down, as the exhaust will have a hard time exiting the piston. In order to reduce this back pressure, a free flowing exhaust can help. Additionally, getting larger filters and exhaust pipes will also reduce the back pressure. It is possible to add a second exhaust, as many vehicles come with dual exhaust. To reduce the noise, look for a glass pack exhaust. Aftermarket headers can also be used to reduce the back pressure, and when used in conjunction with a cold air intake can produce a lot of power.

6. Performance Spark Plugs

High performance spark plugs will be made of iridium or platinum, and these will ignite the fuel much faster. This is also a very efficient way of combustion and can help to increase the gas mileage of the vehicle. 

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