Don't Overpay at a Car Detail Shop: Average Prices to Expect Per Job

January 27, 2012

A car detail shop offers cleaning, polishing and waxing services to the exterior of an automobile. It also offers vacuuming, steam cleaning and polishing to the interior.

Basic Car Detail Costs

On average, basic car detailing services range from $60 to $90, depending on the size of the vehicle. Premium services range from $150 to $190. Car detailing costs depend on the vehicle size, location, style of the car interior and the types of services provided. Many companies also offer package deals.

Basic Car Detail Services

A basic detailing service should provide a hand wash and car wax, cleaning of the tires, vacuuming of the interior and polishing of all components of the exterior and interior.

Extra Costs

Additional car detailing services will increase the cost of the service. A premium wax service can range from $60 to $90. Steam cleaning costs start around $85 and runs up to $130. If you have a leather interior, you will need a premium upholstery cleaning service, which ranges from $50 to $75. If your vehicle that requires the removal of a dent, the cost should be about $80. Specialty vehicles such as vintage cars, boats and motor homes will cost more for any detailing services.


There are many car detailing shops that offer a discount to customers who prepay for their services. These discount amounts will depend on the type of service being provided. They usually range from $5 to $50. Customers who bring more than one vehicle to a shop will generally be offered a discount. You can research the discounts available from the car detailing shops in your area by contacting them directly or searching the Internet. 

Choosing a Car Detailing Shop

Speak with friends and family and check customer reviews for the best shops available in your area. Be sure to find about your insurance coverage and the coverage provided by the detailing shop.

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