Enamel Car Paint: Understanding the Pros And Cons

January 27, 2012

Enamel car paint is made to withstand the elements while giving your car a clean, finished look.  When thinking of painting your car, you want to make sure you know the pros and cons of the paint you are going to be using.

Enamel Car Paint Pros

When changing the colors, you can look into wet sanding the body of the vehicle down, and making sure the color that was previously on the car has hardening in it. This is because it will do the best job when placing another color over it. You can also look into acrylic lacquer while testing paints, since this is the paint that will work the best if the vehicle was previously painted without slipping off the body of the car, and needing to be re-done. Clear coats are also a plus, and go on almost any surface. If you find it will not go onto yours, then you can wet sand the surface down to ensure the clear coat stays where it should on the body of the vehicle.

Enamel Car Paint Cons

The clear coat might not mix well with the old paint depending on the brand, and type you use. This might be a problem if your whole vehicle was painted previously, and needs a new coat of paint, as well as acrylic enamel to give it more of a shine, so you will want to read each package to make sure they are compatible with the paint you have previously put on it. Testing a spot on your vehicle allows you to make sure it will work before you start painting over the whole vehicle. If the paint on the vehicle does not have hardener in it, then it would be more difficult to have the new paint stay on the surface. Since a lot of paints do not have this in it, it would be wise to purchase a new paint color with it, just in case this problem comes along where you would like to add a new color.

The conclusion would be that you might have some work on your hands to have the paint to where you want it to be without having it running off. This is because you have to look into hardeners and into various types of coatings that will be able to be placed on the color without fear of running, or smudging on the surface of your vehicle. There is always shops you can go to in order to get more information, and an idea of what they might need to do being body work experts since the thought is out there. This is something helpful to you, and to anyone else who needs to know more about painting, and the body work of a car. 

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