Everything You Need to Know about Interior Car Paint

January 27, 2012

If you are thinking of repainting your vehicle, then you may want to consider the interior car paint as well. If you want to change the color of your vehicle, then changes to the color of the interior may be needed so the colors on the inside and outside of your car match. However, repainting the interior of your vehicle usually requires different types of car paint than those needed for the exterior. So, this article will tell you everything you need to know about painting the interior of your car.

Painting Your Car's Interior

While you would probably never consider repainting the interior of a newer car, painting the inside of an older vehicle can often be an excellent idea. It doesn't matter if your vehicle's interior is leather, plastic or vinyl, they can all be recolored or repainted. You can even paint fabric material on the roof or seats of your interior as well.

Although most car interiors can be repainted, it does require quite a bit of work. When repainting the interior of your car, almost every piece of the interior may need to be removed. This includes the dashboard, the radio, heating and air conditioning vents, gearshift errors, seats, ash trays and anything else that can be removed.

Before repainting the items removed for your interior, you'll always make sure you wash them with soap and water and allow them to dry completely. You may find a hair dryer to be very handy when drying interior items to be repainted. If you have frequently used protectants such as Armor All on the interior of the vehicle, you'll need to scrub them extra hard to make sure the protectant is removed. Finally, before repainting the pieces, you'll need to scuff them up well with some sandpaper, and then wash and dry the pieces again.

Types of Paint You will need

Your local auto parts store should carry several different types of paint that can be used on your car's interior. When shopping for interior car paint, try to choose better known brands as they are usually easier to apply, dry quicker and create a more realistic covering on interior areas of your vehicle.

If you decide to use cheap, no-name products, you may find the interior of your car will always look like it has been repainted. The repainting of the interior vehicle should not only change the color, but should also look authentic and original as well. Consider plastic car paint names like 3M or DuPont when choosing a car interior paint, and make sure to buy the appropriate type for paint for the surface to be repainted.

Common Repairs may be Needed

If leather, vinyl or plastic components of your interior are damaged, you should try to repair them before repainting the car's interior. Again, your local auto parts store should sell several different types of kits that allow you to mend holes or rips in armrests, dash panels or even seat covers.

The more time you take to prepare your vehicle for painting, and repairing any damaged items, the better results you will achieve repainting your car's interior. In fact, if you do the job right, you will spend a lot more time on preparation than the actual repainting of the interior.

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