Help with Calculating Car Scratch Removal Costs

January 27, 2012

Discovering a scratch on your beloved vehicle can often make a car scratch removal method immediately necessary to put your mind at ease! By understanding what technique is necessary, you will be in a position to estimate the likely cost of scratch removal.


In order to work out what car scratch removal process is required, you first need to determine how extreme the scratches are. Do this by closely examining the relevant section of the paintwork to see if you can figure out what caused the damage. Is it one or more deep intentional scratches or is it a cluster of scratches of various depths from getting too close to some thorny shrubbery? Maybe the scratches have been caused by a key that missed the lock or from using an abrasive cloth whilst cleaning. Note whether you can see any of the primer or metal beneath the paint or whether the entire length of the scratch is the same color as that of the car paint. By understanding the level of work needed in rectifying scratches, it will be easier to establish an accurate cost figure.

Superficial Marks

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of your latest car wax. What you think may be a scratch could actually only be a mark on the surface that can be buffed out. If you are confident about doing it yourself, contact several tool hire companies to get quotes on the cost of hire – you should not need it for longer than a day. If you want to get the paintwork buffed professionally, ensure that the garages you attend for quotes inspect the car first.

Universal car scratch removal compounds are also available to use with the buffer if something more is required.

Minor Scratches

Using a car scratch remover liquid can be an easy way to get rid of minor scratches to your paintwork. These are widely available in a great number of colors through auto accessory retailers and online. This car scratch removal method will involve polishing the scratch with a wax or liquid that matches the color of the paintwork and are often available for just a few dollars. If you have a custom paint job, most outlets will require an additional payment to mix the paint to match your car. Be aware that you will also require a good quality microfiber cloth if it is not included.

Some scratches that have reached the primer may be able to be rectified by this method.

Major Scratches

If you are able to feel the scratch by running your fingernail across it, it is likely to require a larger amount of work to rectify it. As well as contacting garages in order to obtain quotes, find out whether there are any mobile car paint restoral firms that operate in your area. Depending on the severity of the scratch, a mobile firm that specializes in car scratch removal may cost less than a garage. Bear in mind that the charge will include the cost of paint as well as labor, which will be more if the damage is severe. The work will involve sanding off the surface surrounding the area of the scratch before reapplying the paint topcoat and wax to protect it.

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