How Long to Wait Before Taking a New Vehicle to a Car Wash?

January 27, 2012

In the first few weeks right after you buy a car, you have to be extremely careful whenever you do a car wash. Car cleaning soon after a new car is purchased is such a delicate process because the acrylics, enamels and clear coat finishes used on cars these days is so sensitive to dirt and other contaminants. You should wait at least a week before you do a new car wash to ensure soap and other cleaning products will not damage the paint, and even then you should be very careful. Washing mishaps soon after a car is bought can result in lasting blemishes such as soap flash, setting stains, water spots and general loss of luster.

New Car Maintenance

It is recommended you equip your vehicle with a protective coating layer, such as wax, right after the first wash. You must wash the car at least once right before getting it waxed to make sure no dirt or other particles will get trapped between the wax and the paint. This initial washing should use as little soap as possible with enough to do a thorough job, and the car should be waxed as soon as it dries. Avoid using soap on the car any more until the protective coating layer is applied. If you do happen to hurt the paint a little on the first wash, you can correct the problem by waxing regularly over time. Remember to buy a type of wax that is compatible with the paint on your car.

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