How Much Water Pressure to Use While Car Washing?

January 27, 2012

Using water pressure to your advantage when car washing can be a great way to get your car clean as quickly and easily as possible. One of the major tools used at any professional car wash is a pressure washer, or a type of pump with a hose attachment that allows water to spray out at very high speeds. By spraying water more forcefully at a car, there is more pressure on the dirt and other particles stuck to the car's surface, which improves the thoroughness of of the cleaning. The higher the pressure used in the pressure washer, the more forcefully the water sprays out, and you must remember to be careful because this type of washer is capable of pressurizing the water too much. Too much pressure can start to strip off the wax and paint layers on your car. It is very dangerous to point a pressure washer at another person.

The Right Amount of Pressure

To find out how much pressure you should be using to wash your car, the best thing to do is start further back. The further you are away from your car, the slower the water will be going when it hits. Stand four or five feet away at first, and move closer as needed. Do not continue moving closer to your car once you are close enough that all dirt is being blown away. You can adjust the pressure as needed if you want to move closer or further away from the vehicle you are cleaning.

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