How to Choose a Leather Car Seat Cover

January 27, 2012

Finding the best leather car seat cover can take some time. With a variety of seat covers and sizes available, it can be difficult to find leather seat covers that can fit your vehicle. Whether you are considering leather seat covers to change the color of your interior or to cover up damage to your car upholstery, the right seat covers can help improve the look of your vehicle. Use the following steps to find the right leather seat covers for your car.

Step 1: Measure Your Seats

If you are planning on shopping for seat covers at a retail store, it is important to measure your seats before starting your search. Many of the seat covers available at retail stores are small and they may not fit the seats on your vehicle. Be sure to measure the height of the seat back, the length of the bottom seat cushion and the overall width of the seat. Most seat covers in retail stores will include the measurements on the packaging. If nothing else, you can purchase a seat cover and return it if it does not fit properly.

Step 2: Determine Your Style

There are a variety of leather seat covers available, ranging from styles that attempt to emulate the factory seats to sporty two-tone designs that can make your car look like a little race car. Not all styles will fit all vehicles, so you may have to play a guessing game to get the leather car seat cover that works best. You can make use of a website like Great Covers to find the seat covers that will fit your vehicle perfectly. By using drop down menus, you can order your seat covers in a variety of color combinations. If Great Covers does not offer seat covers for your vehicle, you can broaden your search by visiting Trimcar Inc, which offers a variety of leather seat covers.

Step 3: Determine If You Want Pull-Over Seat Covers or Full Replacements

There are two types of seat covers that you may choose for your vehicle. It is much easier to fit pull-over seat covers that simply cover your current seats than it is to complete replace the leather covers on your seats. If you do choose to completely replace the leather skins, be prepared for a major job that could take some time to complete. Whatever route you choose, be certain to follow the instructions provided with the seat covers.

Step 4: Make Sure the Colors Match Your Preferences

After receiving your seat covers, make sure that the colors match your current interior or the new color scheme that you are planning for your vehicle. If everything matches your preferences, you can go ahead and begin installing your leather seat covers. If the leather does not match your car upholstery or you do not like the color, contact the seller and arrange a return or replacement. 

By following these steps you can find the perfect leather seat covers for your car. If you car simply needs a new interior color or your current seats are damaged, you can get the perfect covers to complete your car's interior.