How to Choose the Best Car Buffing Tool for Minor Scratches

January 27, 2012

Minor scratches on a car can make your beloved vehicle look sad and jaded but effective car buffing techniques can soon see your pride and joy restored to showroom condition. A selection of good quality cutting compounds and polishes will be required but choosing the best polishing mop on the market will be an integral part of carrying out effective repairs on all minor paint imperfections.

You Will Need:

  • A Recommended Polishing Mop
  • P200 Abrasive Paper
  • Rubbing Black
  • Cutting Compound
  • Machine Glaze 

Recommended Polishing Mop Heads

Step 1 - Choosing a Mop

Although an effective car buffing project will also rely on using trade quality cutting compounds and machine glazes, it is vital that you purchase a polishing mop that is suitable for carrying out the task. Additionally, a good quality polishing mop will also be more durable and you will be able to use it on a regular basis. Some cheaper mops are fine for single use but they tend to wear very quickly and will have to be discarded as soon as the bearings begin to wear.

Step 2 – Finding the Best Model

Motor trade employees frequently recommend one of two different polishing mops that are ideal for extended use on all types of car buffing tasks. The first recommended models come from Chicago Pneumatics and polishing mops are available in both electrical and compressed air operative formats. Chicago Pneumatics is one of the leading suppliers of tools to the motor trade and the reliability of the car buffing equipment is highly respected amongst trade specialists.

A great alternative, yet slightly more expensive, is the Blue Point polishing mop range supplied by Snap-On Tools. This highly-regarded company is famous for producing tools of the highest standard and many Blue Point products are protected by the incredible Snap-On lifetime guarantee.

Sealey and 3M also offer a good choice of polishing mops and all of their models are worthy of consideration.

Step 3 – Ancillary Products

A good quality polishing mop is only as good as the materials you use alongside it in order to produce the perfect car buffing project. There are two companies at the forefront of car buffing consumables and once again, 3M lead the way. 3M use a simple color-coded system that utilizes cutting compounds and machine glaze products that have to be used with special attachment polishing heads that will fit onto any of the polishing mops recommended above.

As an alternative, Presta have emerged as one of the most innovative car buffing consumable solutions in recent years and also have an integrated compound and glaze system with attachments that are compatible with all major polishing mop brands.

Step 4 – Putting Great Tools into Practice

Great equipment still needs to be used correctly and all minor scratches should be wet flatted until they become minimal with a piece of wet P2000 abrasive paper. Dependant on whether you choose to use 3M or Presta polishing compounds, you will need to buff the flatted areas to a shine in accordance with the recommended instructions on the bottles.