How to Find Car Paint Codes by Registration

January 27, 2012

If you are looking for the right car paint for your vehicle, then one way to find the match is to look at the VIN number and find out the correct car paint codes from this detail. If you are not able to find the VIN of your car (and it may be placed in a number of different locations, depending upon the vehicle), then you should try to find the VIN using your registration number. This is slightly more complicated, but if you have a fairly new car,  then you should be able to manage this successfully. Finding correct paint code details from your registration number can be done in a matter of hours simply by following a few guidelines.

Materials Needed:

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Internet Connection
  • Phonebook
  • Registration Details

Step 1 - Find Registration Details

Look for the registration details that you were given when you bought the car. These should have the long registration number. Make a note of this number on a piece of paper.

Step 2 - Find a Local Car Dealership

Locate a local car dealership for this make of car. If you have recently bought the car, then you may still have these details around your home, but if not then you should try and find them by looking on the Internet. Many local car dealerships now have websites which contain the contact details that you need to find the right car paint codes for your vehicle. If you cannot find the right dealership on the Internet, then look in a local phone directory for the number.

Step 3 - Call the Local Dealership

When you call the dealership, have your car registration details on hand. Ask to be transferred to the service desk, and then explain to the person at the desk that you need to find the correct car paint codes for your car, but don't have the VIN number. Offer them the car registration details instead. On their computer, these details should give them the VIN number, which they will need to look up the color code.

Step 4 - Note the Color Codes

You may have to wait for a few minutes while the service desk researches the color codes for your VIN number. The number itself does not automatically guarantee that they will be able to find the codes, but with this detail they should be able to locate the number accurately. Make sure that you have a pen or pencil handy to make a note of the car color codes that the desk will give you. Once these details have been found, you can then go back onto the Internet and research companies offering that particular car paint in your local area.

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