How to Find the Right Car Paint Code

January 27, 2012

If you are looking to have your car repainted, then you may need to find the right car paint code which will match the color of your car. Risking matching paint colors by eye, or using samples of paint, can leave you with a very unsatisfactory paint job, so you need to get the right paint before you begin ordering colors. The quickest way to get the right car paint code is to use the unique VIN number for your car. This VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number. Once you have found out the VIN of your car, you can order the correct auto paint without having to look far for matching color tones or paint types. 

Materials Needed

  • Paper and Pen
  • Internet connection
  • Car

Step 1 - Locate the VIN

You can locate the VIN of your car by looking at the dashboard. On the driver's side, there should be a long barcode with numbers written below it. This is the VIN, and may appear on a metal or plastic plate. Once you have found the plate, read off the number, and either make a note of this yourself on a piece of paper, or have a friend write down the numbers as you call them out. The complete VIN will be around 17 numbers long, so check you have the right amount of digits before you proceed.

Step 2 - Locate Your Car Seller

If you have bought the car fairly recently, then you may still be in contact with the car dealership that sold you the car. If not, find the number of the local dealership, and give them a call. You may be able to find them using your Internet connection, or by looking in a phone directory. Many car dealerships have a website, so you may be able to find your local dealership online just by typing in your location and make of car.

Step 3 - Contact a Local Dealership

Once you have found the number of the dealership, give them a call, and ask to talk to the service department. When you are transferred to that division, tell them you'd like the color code for your vehicle, and that you have the VIN number. They will then ask you for that number, which you should read out. While they won't be able to tell you the color code simply by hearing the VIN number, they will be able to look up the color code based upon the Vehicle Identification Number.

Step 4 - Write Down the Color Code

You may have to wait for several minutes while the service department looks up your color code. If you want to know the paint color, then ask them for this, along with the code. Write down the code on a sheet of paper. Once you have this code, you can then go online and search for the right paint for your car.

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