How to Get an Online Car Paint Quote

February 10, 2012

If you are looking for an online car paint quote for yourself or a friend, then you may be unsure how to proceed when looking for the right kind of paint for your car. There are many paints on offer online, and you should be able to find one which suits your needs. Though, you may be unsure how to find the perfect match, or get a good artist that can give you a particular type of paint job. To know how to buy auto paint online, and get the car paint for a good price, you will need to be organized.

Materials Needed

  • Car make and model
  • Car manual
  • Internet Connection

Step 1 - Review Your Car

Before you start looking online for your car paint, you will need to know the details of your car, including the exact make and model. Some people never know the specifics of the car they are driving, preferring to leave that to the garage. But if you are looking for good online car paint quotes, you will need to become an expert on the precise types available for your car. To get the right paint, locate the make and model number of your car, either by noting the details found on the driver's side door, or looking in the car manual.

Step 2 - Find Car Paint Sellers Online

You can then begin to look for car paint online. There are a number of these available, so you should consider locating one in your area first, for your convenience. In order to get the paint you want, type the color paint into the search engine, and then put in your car model and make. This should give you a list of sellers, and if you get a large number of hits, you can narrow down your seller even further by typing in your state or town.

Step 3 - Contact the Seller

Once you have found a reasonably local seller, you should use their contact details to ask them questions about the car paint, and ask them for a quote about car paint prices. Your first email should ask if they still have a selection of paint for the type of car you drive, and state you are keen to get a car paint quote for your vehicle. Don't include any payment details in this email, as you will need to establish their honesty before you hand over any money.

Step 4 - Returning Contact

If the seller is willing to sell to you, you will need to send a second email containing further details of your needs. They may ask you for the number of paint cans you want, unless you have already stated you don't know how many you need. Give the dimensions of your car, and answer any other questions they put to you. Once you have given them these details, you will be able to get a quote from your dealer.