How to Properly Use Car Vinyl Cleaner

January 27, 2012

Using car vinyl cleaner to clean certain parts of your car interior can be a very easy and rewarding experience. Interior cleaning of your vehicle may seem daunting, but having the proper products and cleaning supplies can make the job much easier and once you are finished, you'll be quite pleased with the results.

1. Collect the Proper Supplies

In order to begin the process of properly using car vinyl cleaner, you'll not only need the right vinyl finish cleaner, but some other cleaning supplies as well. Make sure to select a good vinyl cleaner than not only clears the surface of film and debris, but has ingredients to give the finish protectant against temperature changes, cracking and fading. Have a clean, soft rag available, such as a detailing cloth, and some different sized brushes for reaching crevices inside your dashboard, door panels and other places that may be included in the vinyl surface. Products and supplies for interior car detailing can be found online, at your local auto parts store or even a department store automotive department.

2. Pre-Cleaning the Vinyl

Before you apply car vinyl cleaner, you'll want to be sure the surfaces are free of any dirt, grime, pet hair or other debris. A normal vacuum cleaner with attachments works wonders for picking up most of the dust and dirt caught in door panels, vinyl floormats or seat backs. You might use a rubber brush to quickly remove dog hair, and scrub any areas that may be especially dirty with a bristled cleaning brush. Be careful when applying water to vinyl as it may create cracking that cannot be repaired, and be sure your scrubbing motion is not so vigorous as to ruin the finish. You'll want to be sure most of the dirt and grit have been removed from the vinyl surface before spreading the vinyl cleaner. This will ensure minimal damage in the form of scratching or marring of the surface. If you have applied any liquid cleaners or water, allow all vinyl surfaces to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

3. Using the Vinyl Cleaner

Application of car vinyl cleaner should be fairly straightforward when following the directions on the product container. Spray or spread the vinyl protectant of your choice, such as Armor All. Many products require you to apply the cleaner, allow it to dry, and then wipe off with a soft, clean cloth. You may also have purchased a spray on protectant and vinyl shine product that can be left on for a shine to finish the job. Read the instructions carefully to be sure you are applying the product correctly.

Benefits of Using Car Vinyl Cleaner

If performed regularly, the use of car vinyl cleaner can enhance the shine, beauty and interior of your vehicle. These types of products can also protect your vinyl surfaces from damage caused by fluctuations in heat, cold, direct sunlight and other damage from elements, dust and road grime. Keeping up with a regular regimen of using car vinyl cleaner can prolong the life of these surfaces and add value to your vehicle.

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