Ice Car Wax Reviews: Do the Pros Recommend it?

January 27, 2012

Ice car wax is something many people prefer. However, not everybody has gotten on board with it yet. It is important you find a type of wax that you will be able to trust. That is why knowing what it is the pros use the most, or at least recommend will help you to get the most out of the wax that you use. The better the wax, the longer your car’s paint job will last. This will help your car to look like newer for longer.


One of the biggest problems with most types of waxes is that you will have to not do it in direct sunlight or wait until it is cooler outside. Many ice car wax reviews state this is the best new car wax on the market. No matter how hot it is or where your car is parked you will be able to use this type of wax without any problems whatsoever. Another good thing with this type of wax is you will not have to put more than one coat on to see the difference it will make. However, if you choose to put on multiple layers you will be able to get even more of a shine. Use this product on plastic, vinyl as well as exterior rubber to get a beautiful and restored look. You will also not have to worry about there being any type of white residue being left behind.


This type of wax actually works best on sunny days. If you happen to use it when it is cooler or overcast, then it will take it much longer to dry. It is important to allow the wax to dry completely and do not try to wipe it off. If you do, then you will end up having to wash your car all over again. However, you will not have these issues on days when it is warmer and you are in the direct sunlight. It is important you remember this type of wax has a different look and feel than others. It is much slicker and some could consider this to be oily. You will need to be sure if you try to remove the wax you use micro fiber towels. This type of wax is also a bit on the expensive side. While some do believe it to be well worth it, is something you should consider. Be aware it will cost you a little bit more than the average wax.


While there are some cons to this wax, you will find that there are cons to just about anything out there on the market. Many more people prefer this product than not. Professionals definitely agree this product is worth testing out. You will find with its one of a kind finish and ability to work in the hot sun will be a big positive that may be able to stamp out any negatives. 

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