Leaking Acid from Car Battery: Replacement Tips and Effects

January 27, 2012

If you have a leaky acid car battery, it may be time for you to get a new battery. This will depend on your average car battery life and how often the battery was replaced before, but you can have it checked at a local auto parts store. Once you compare car battery prices and find the right model to purchase, you can move on to installation. 

Prepare for the Swap

Since the battery has been leaking, it is probably a good idea for you to put rubber gloves on along with some goggles, just so that none of the acid splatters into your eyes or gets on your hands when you are removing it. 

Remove the Old Battery

When you are ready to replace your battery, disconnect the cables. If there are any screws holding the battery in, you will need to remove those as well. Remove your old battery by holding down the clamp, which is either on the top of your battery or along the side. 

Clean the Tray

After you have removed the old battery, make sure to check the battery tray, and clean off any excess corrosion by using a lot of water to remove it. You can also mix baking soda in water to eat the old, corroded acid. After the tray has dried, spray the area with some primer to keep it from deteriorating. 

Replace the Battery

Put the new battery in the battery tray and put the clamp back on. Make sure that you clean the cables with a wire brush before you attach them to your new battery. When attaching cables to a new battery, attach the positive first and then the negative. When you are done, you need to turn your car on and see if it’s working properly.

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