Maaco Car Paint: Common Themes in Their User Reviews

January 27, 2012

The reviews for Maaco car paint all end up saying the same thing, but unfortunately, that's not very good. The most common complaint is that the paint and paint job that results from Maaco is inferior to other brands in the country. There are other issues associated with this paint as well, but you need to realize this paint may not be right for you. Consider the reviews below before making an investment.

Paint Service

Many of those who used Maaco were shocked at quite a few things. A few filed complaints about things being stolen or misplaced from their cars, extra mileage was put on their cars, far more than there should have been if you are just moving the car to a different spot on the property. 

Customer Service

Many claim that Maaco advertising is deceitful and that the company doesn't hold up their end of the bargain when it comes to customer service or their overall quality of work. Some have discovered just a few weeks after they had their cars painted that the paint was beginning to crack and chip after such a short period of time. Quite a few of their customers will also testify to the fact their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. When a customer feels their car's paint job was not of good quality, such as paint dripping, paint overspray or other flaws in the paint job, it seems the employees refuse to do anything about it. There is no offer to give them their money back or make up for their mistakes by doing the job over. Some have complained the employees were extremely rude and uncooperative. 

Door Painting

Some customers found out after getting their car painted by Maaco that the car was painted with the doors shut, causing a lot of paint build up in the door area. This caused the doors to stick and made them hard to open until the paint build up, which should not have been there, was removed. 

Overall Feedback

It didn’t seem to make a difference where the Maaco company was located. They seem to have their share of negative feedback. Most of the people all agreed they received shoddy paint jobs that ranged anywhere from the wrong paint color to paint that dripped on various spots on their cars.  

Case Study

One customer just wanted his bumper replaced and thought for sure they would be able to get the exact same bumper that would match the color of the rest of the car. Instead, Maaco replaced the old bumper with a new one that was far lighter than the rest of the car and expected the customer either to not complain or not to notice it. 

Although there are a few customers that appear to have no problems with Maaco and their car painting jobs, there are enough negatives for you to be concerned. Upper management should take the hint from these disgruntled customers and crack down at least on the attitude of their employees, if nothing else.

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