Meguiars Car Wax Reviews: Do the Pros Recommend it?

January 27, 2012

When determining the right wax for you to use, you might come across Meguiars car wax. Since waxing is a necessary part of taking care of the overall car, it's important to consider the reviews before using this or any other product on your vehicle. This article looks at what the professionals think of Meguiars when compared to other car ratings so you can make the best choice for your car's polish.

Understanding the Importance of Wax

Wax is the agent important in taking care of your car's paint job. It is the vital element that protects it from all the wear and tear the car gets just from everyday exposure to the elements. Most people do not even realize that although the paint on a car looks nice, flat and spread out evenly, there are thousands of holes throughout the paint that can not be seen. These small holes will trap dirt particles in them that will eventually eat away at the paint job. This will lead to the eventual rusting of your car's body if the car is never waxed with a highly professional wax. By waxing your car on a regular basis, you will be cutting down on this type of damage to your car. It is important to know you probably should wax your car at least two times each year to maintain good protection for your paint job.

Best Waxes on the Market

According to the professionals, there are just three different brands of wax that are highly recommended and highly used nowadays. Those three brands would be Turtle Wax, FX SynWax and Meguiars. Meguiars is actually the one that most professionals rate as the best car wax on the market if you are looking for affordability. More expensive brands will perhaps do a better job, but Meguiars is great for people on a budget.

Meguiars Wax makes a variety of different car care products and they have become the pros favorite for all their products. Their waxes come in paste, liquid and spray on wax, which is rated superior when compared to other products that are similar.

What the Pros Like

The pros really like Meguairs #26, something you may know as Hi Tech Yellow Wax. This wax is a blend of yellow carnauba, polymers and silicone and is widely used because of its top quality sheen and protection. This wax is very inexpensive, making it a great value for your money as well as a reliable product to use on your car. This particular Meguiars wax is perfect for black cars or other dark colored cars. Professionals who drive black cars generally use this particular wax only. Some pros also recommend NXT 2.0, which may be a good alternative to consider if your local auto store does not carry #26. You should be able to determine if you like it or not after the first application.

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