New Car Battery: Ratings, Reviews, and Prices to Expect

January 27, 2012

As a car owner, there will come a time when you will need a new car battery. There are many causes for your battery to fail and you will then need to replace the car battery. It is best if you recognize the signs of a failing battery so you can replace it before you are stuck stranded on the side of the road. Below is some information about some popular car batteries and why they are preferred.

Long Lasting Batteries

A battery will lose its charge and stop working. Some people find that they need to replace the battery every 5 years. However many car batteries can last much longer. A great battery with a long life is the NAPA Performance Select. This battery is a size 65 which is mainly used for Ford trucks and cars. It has a very long life of about 15 years and is affordable at about $80. All of the car batteries from Optima last longer than traditional car batteries. The main car batteries are the red top versions as these have enough charge to easily start cars at all temperatures and environments. Optima batteries are more expensive at about $200 but then they last much longer.  A reliable brand, DieHard, was one of the first long lasting batteries and it still is. These batteries last in all weather conditions and are worth the car battery price of $150.

Best Cold Weather Batteries

One of the main causes of battery failure is the temperature. Some batteries cannot handle cold temperatures. There are certain batteries that are made to work even in extremely cold conditions. To determine which batteries work well in the cold, you want to look into the cold crank amps rankings. The higher the ranking, the more cold hardy the battery. The DieHard Platinum batteries are excellent in the cold and cost about $180. Another good option that costs much less is the NAPA Select at $80. EverStart batteries that can be found exclusively at Walmart were designed specifically for extreme conditions. 

High Performance Batteries

There are certain batteries that are considered high performance. These last long, have excellent recharge and also tend to be expensive. However, because these batteries last longer, you will spend the same amount of money if you have to replace a standard car battery several times. Optima is one of the highest ranking high performance batteries. They offer 3 different ranges: red top, yellow top, and blue top. All of these batteries on average cost about $150. Though, some models can cost upwards of $300. Red top batteries are standard for cars while yellow top batteries are deep cycle batteries and can be used to power accessories such as high performance stereo equipment. Blue top batteries are for RVs. The Odyssey car batteries have a life span that is 3 times longer than traditional batteries. They are typically used in classic cars and off-road vehicles as Odyssey batteries will start the car even if it has been kept in storage for up to 2 years. These batteries also have enough starting power to start the massive engines found in high performance vehicles. Odyssey batteries can be found for between $200 to $300 dollars.

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