Popular Blue Car Paint Colors and Codes

January 27, 2012

Blue car paint has hundreds of different variations and shades from which to choose. Selecting the type of car paint for your vehicle is one of the most important aesthetic choices you can make. Depending upon the model of the vehicle and the type and color of paint used to adorn the frame, you can drastically alter the overall appearance and style of your car. If you've set your mind on one of the many variations of blue car paint colors for your vehicle, it's a good idea to learn about the blue color code for paints. You'll need to be able to identify the color of your choice by its code in order to purchase it from a car paint shop or another auto body service company.

Electron Blue

One of the most popular choices of blue for smaller cars and sports cars, electron blue is a medium dark hue. This color has a sheen to it that causes the vehicle to appear brand new when clean. The paint contains small bits of reflective material to help the car to "sparkle". The standard code for electron blue for car paint is B95-p. It's developed for use on Honda vehicles, but you can easily transfer it to a variety of other cars as well.

Super Sonic Blue

Super Sonic blue is a darker hue than electron blue. It is commonly used on larger vehicles like minivans, although it transfers well to smaller cars and sports vehicles as well. This color of blue is less shiny and has a lower sheen than electron blue, making it a better choice for someone who isn't looking for a unique car paint that will truly stand out from other vehicles. The code for Super Sonic blue is B96.

Spectra Blue

This paint color, developed for use on Lexus cars, is somewhat lighter in hue than Super Sonic Blue. The Spectra Blue color is a deep and classy color of paint, suitable for upper end cars. It oftentimes appears to be too nice for a lower quality or older car and causes a confusing aesthetic for that vehicle. Still, it's a popular choice amongst car owners of all types, models and luxury levels. The code for Spectra Blue is designed according to Lexus' specifications, and the number is 5473.

Arden Blue

Coded 12L-291, Arden Blue is one of the most popular and widely disseminated colors of blue for cars. It's lighter in shade than all of the other blues on this list. Thus, cars that are colored with Arden Blue tend to have a lighter, less flashy appearance. It's suitable for a wide variety of cars, and can most oftentimes be found on larger sports utility vehicles and minivans.

If you have any additional questions about which blue paint to use for your vehicle, speak with a professional at an auto body repair shop. There are hundreds of other options as well.