Show Car Paint: Understanding What Type of Paint the Pros Use

January 27, 2012

Show car paint professionals often have certain techniques that they use when painting vehicles. These techniques not only provide a good exterior finish, but also protect the metal from oxidation. Most professional painters charge you a high price for completing a painting job. They also recommend using certain paints that are long lasting and provide a superior finish. Some paints that are commonly used by paint pros include Hi-Grade Automotive Enamel, Durability Plus Catalyzed Enamel, Single-use Polyurethane paints with sealers and base coat with urethane clear coats.

Professionally Used Paints

High Grade automotive enamels provide you with great value for your money. However, if you drive your car around a lot, you're better off using Durability Plus Catalyzed Enamels. These paints are resistant to road dust, debris and chemicals. Single-use Polyurethane paints are ideal for light metallic shades. They are highly durable and don't fade easily due to harsh sun rays. Base coat and urethane clear coats are suited to metallic colors. They are long-lasting and provide the factory look and gloss that most car owners desire. Although these are the most commonly used paints, you may not be able to work with urethane paints if you don't have the required protective gear.

Best Car Paint

Professional show car painters work with customers to determine what type of color and design match the car owner's personality. Bold colors and trendy designs may not be ideal for vehicles that are driven around on a daily basis. Such vehicles should be painted in simple colors that are easy to retouch or maintain. Moreover, bold car designs remain fashionable only for a short while. Thus it's important to pick colors that suit your lifestyle and affordability.

Getting a Show Car Look

According to the pros, the key to an excellent paint job is adequate preparation. Before the metal is painted it has to be prepared with a good quality grease remover. Once the surface is prepared, it needs to go through a sanding process. All car painting professionals will tell you that you need to take your time when sanding the vehicle, so that you rid the surface of dents, scratches and rust. Although you may be eager to apply the first coat of paint, you will not get a show car finish if you don't sand the vehicle meticulously.


To get a professional look, consider using a guide coat and allow it to set overnight. To get an even surface, free from any imperfections, use a sanding block. After the sealer primer is applied, select the type of color that matches your vehicle. You could also ask your car dealer to help you select car paint that's ideal for your vehicle. When shopping for paints, look for water based colors, solvent based colors, two tone colors and acrylic paints, and select one that matches your budget. It's also advisable to use a Gravity Feed HVLP paint gun to spray on the top coat of color.

It's important to bear these facts in mind if you want to paint your car on your own and achieve a show car finish. You should also take online tutorials and follow car paint shine tips to carry out a quality paint job.

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