Silver Car Paint: Understanding the Pros And Cons

January 27, 2012

If you are considering silver car paint for your vehicle, you might be making a wise painting decision. As with any car paint color, there are pros and cons to this particular option. Listed below are some of the considerations you should weigh out before putting silver on your car.


Lack of Scratches

Silver is one of the easiest colors to maintain because it does not show dirt or scratches easily. The body underneath the pain is usually a gray color, so any scratches that do happen typically blend well with the paint. The dirt that goes over silver blends in as well, especially when compared to a color like black or white.

Minimal Washing Needed

You can go for quite some time without washing silver paint because it hides dirt so well. When some people have to wash their cars on a weekly basis, you might be able to go a few months without washing yours. This will obviously save you money, and it will also allow you to fully enjoy the car as you should.

Great Resale Value

Silver cars have a great resale value because they appeal to a variety of buyers. Like beige, silver is considered to be a neutral color that almost anyone will want to buy. Thus if you have a silver car, you will be able to sell your car more easily than you may with another color.

Easy to Touch up

If you get a noticeable scratch on your car, silver is easy to paint over. Simply compare color paint codes and get the shade that is right for you. One coat may be all you need to get your car looking new again. When car paint color prep is low, the whole process of painting seems to go smoother.


Boring Shade

A lot of people complain that silver lacks the pizazz that a lot of other colors have. Thus for certainly buyers, this color is actually a reason not to buy the car. This may depend on the type of vehicle you have though. Someone who wants a conservative sedan will look for a conservative color like silver. Someone looking for a sports car though may lean more towards red or yellow. Consider the audience and you'll be able to make the best decision for your car.

Easy to Forget

It's easy to forget to clean your car when it doesn't show dirt well. In time though, that could cause some serious damage to the paint. You may have a ton of dirt eating away at your car's surface and not even know it. Thus it is best to still keep up a good washing regiment even if the car does not look dirty. Put wax on the vehicle to lessen the damage that may be done, and feel your car every once and awhile to see if there is dirt on the outside. You can get away with running it through an automatic wash after that.



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