The Best Car Battery Replacement Options: Auto Parts

January 27, 2012

You want to get the best new car battery when you are in need of a car battery replacement. There are many different brands and models available, and there are options of different car battery prices. It is best to understand how the battery works and which ones fit your driving conditions the best. There are also brands more reliable than others, so you want to choose wisely and get the best battery for your budget.

Best Batteries for Cold Weather

The cold crank amps will give you an idea of how well the battery will perform in cold weather. One of the most common causes of a dead battery is the cold. If you park your car outside during the winter, then at one point or another you will have had difficulty starting your car due to the extremely cold temperature. Basically the greater the cold cranking amps the easier it is to start the car in cold weather. DieHard batteries are excellent and will start in any weather. Other excellent brands for cold weather include Duralast Gold, Optima, and TruStart for Toyota vehicles.

Batteries with Long Life

To get the most out of your car battery purchase, you want a battery that will last a long time. Cars are being built to last a long time and there is an excellent chance you will need to replace your battery. When purchasing a new one you want to get a battery that has a large reservoir and is durable so it will last a long time. Interstate batteries are a top brand and lasts longer than most other car batteries on the market. AutoCraft Titanium batteries are maintenance free and use a special alloy that prevents corrosion. This alloy gives it a very long life span.

Batteries with a Warranty

Several companies and brands offer fantastic warranties, the best being a no charge full replacement. These replacement warranties are only available for a specific time period, which is normally about 2 years. If your battery is defective then it will be completely replaced within this time span. Exide Marathon batteries all come with some of the best warranties found on the market. Many other brands also have this full replacement available as they pride themselves on the quality of their products. Check about the warranty when you are shopping for a battery. 

Batteries for Extras

There are other batteries that work well for extras such as using a high performance stereo, running lights, hydraulics, or winches. These activities require a battery that has a low discharge rate and can power things for a long time. A good example is a deep cycle battery. These deep cycle batteries are not the best for starting a car. However, Optima car batteries are an excellent choice, as they provide enough power to start a car and can also easily power all of your vehicles accessories.

Excellent Budget Batteries

There are several excellent quality batteries that are available at affordable prices. The Kirkland Signature batteries are available at Costco and are some of the most cost efficient batteries available. EverStart batteries are also dependable, affordable batteries that are available at Lube center and Walmart stores.

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What Happens to a Car Battery in Cold Weather?

While the heat is worse for a car battery, your car battery and cold weather may not get a long. The cold causes a low state of charge, which means the battery needs to be a good solid one to get the extra charge it needs to start your car. A weak battery will have difficulty starting a cold car and could cause problems keeping your car running until the battery has cycled long enough to create a strong enough charge. Check to make sure your connectors didn't freeze, and they may need to be checked for tightness as well.

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