What Is the Best Cheap Car Battery? Get What You're Paying For

February 21, 2012

When shopping for a cheap car battery, learn how to pay attention to the two most import specifications: cold cranking amps and reserve capacity.

Cheap Car Battery

When trying to save money by using a cheap car battery, make sure you still purchase a battery that will provide for the needs of your vehicle. There are two main battery specifications you must pay attention to.

Cold Cranking Amps
This is the most important specification of a car battery; even more important than the price. Abbreviated CCA, this is a description of the maximum number of amperes that a car battery is capable of supplying in order to start your car. Your owner's manual will tell you the minimum CCA needed to start your car.

Reserve Capacity
Battery reserve capacity is a description of how many amperes a battery can supply over a period of one hour before it is considered completely dead. The higher the number of amp hours, (abbreviated Ah,) the better.

When looking for a cheap car battery, you need to make sure the battery you purchase has at least the minimum CCA required for your vehicle, the correct type of terminals, side screw or top post, and will fit in the battery box. Over time, Exide and Interstate have shown themselves to be suppliers of the best cheap car battery. There are other, better brands, but they are more expensive than these two.

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