The 3 Best Methods for Car Rust Protection

January 27, 2012

Car rust protection is a topic that should concern every motorist. Auto rust not only damages the vehicle, but it takes away from its looks and resale value. Once set in, removing rust from a car can be tricky. The best way to prevent auto rust is to use the best protection methods.

1. Wash and Wax the Vehicle

By regularly washing and waxing the vehicle, dirt accumulation is reduced. Dirt not only looks unattractive, but it holds in moisture and promotes rusting. Without a quality coat of wax, the paint is susceptible to contaminants that actually bond to its surface. These contaminants will eventually cause openings to develop in the paint. These openings are an entryway for moisture, which can begin to cause metal rusting.

2. Beware of Nicks, Dings and Scratches

Because of the way parking lots are built and laid out, vehicles are parked closer together than ever before. This, of course, means that a vehicle can receive dings and scratches from a neighboring vehicle when the door is opened. Scratches can also occur when the occupant of a neighboring vehicle places objects on the hood, trunk or roof of the vehicle while they unlock and open their car door. Moreover, nicks and dings are the result of tiny rocks or pebbles striking the vehicle as it is driven.

3. Guard against Hidden Areas of Rust

When the vehicle is new, it receives a lot of attention. It is washed and waxed regularly. However, as the vehicle ages, and the experience of the new vehicle wears off, the washing and waxing routines start falling off. Dirt and debris that were being washed away, will start to accumulate in the gaps between the trim and the windows, headlamps, doors, etc. Use of a clear silicon sealant in these gaps will prevent accumulation of moisture-holding dirt, and prevent these areas from rusting.

The best methods for car rust protection are to perform regular cleanings, attend to dings and scratches immediately, and take a pro-active, stand against the hidden areas of rust.

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