Urethane Car Paint: Understanding the Pros and Cons

January 27, 2012

It's important to find out if urethane car paint is best for your vehicle, before you go ahead and purchase it. If you prefer to carry out a car painting job on your own, you need to buy all the tools and materials that are necessary to complete the job. If you don't know which paint is suited to your vehicle, contact your car dealer to find out which paint is ideal for your car make and model. There are different types of automotive paints available in the market. Some of them include water based paints, solvent based paints, acrylic paints and urethane paints. These paints have to be mixed properly so that they provide you with good end results. Most car paint professionals use urethane car paints. If you wish to carry out the painting on your own, you must bear in mind the pros and cons of using urethane paints on your car.

Pros of Using Urethane Car Paint

As a general guideline, if you wish to repaint an already painted surface, you will have to make sure that the new paint you use doesn't react with the earlier paint. Urethane paint can be sprayed over most paints, including lacquer. However, most pros will tell you that lacquer shouldn't be sprayed over urethane paint. Since lacquer paints are more expensive than urethane paints, consider getting your car painted with urethane paints. Urethane is also better than enamel paint, since it provides a good finish and doesn't run lines. Apart from this, urethane paint dries off quickly; it's resistant to chipping and doesn't fade easily. If the car exteriors are maintained well, urethane car paints will last for more than 10 years.

Cons of Using Urethane Car Paint

Urethane paints are more expensive than acrylic paints. Although they do last long and provide a good finish, they give a plastic-like appearance to the car. If you're a beginner working on a car paint job, urethane paints may be difficult to work with. Since urethane paints are toxic in nature, only painters that have the adequate protective gear should handle such paints. Eye goggles, an air respirator mask with an air pump and a painter's suit are essential. This gear is also expensive. You should thus consider getting the painting done by a professional mechanic if you intend to use urethane car paints. Although urethane paints are considered superior in quality when compared to enamels, they don't flow out as easily as enamel paints from the spray gun.  

Polyurethane Paints

There are several types of urethane paints that are available in the market. You need to remember that it's illegal to use lacquer and aliphatic polyurethane paints in some states. Aliphatic polyurethane paints are generally applied over epoxy polyamide primers. They are sold as kits that contain a pigmented and a clear resin component. These components have to be mixed properly so that the right viscosity is attained.

Before painting any vehicle, it's important to read the instructions listed on the paint container and obtain technical data sheets of the product, to get detailed information. Moreover, if it's your first painting job, consider asking a mentor to help you out.

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