What is the Best Car Paint? Get the Facts

January 27, 2012

The best car paint depends on the car model that you have chosen. There are several different types of car models that are present in the market but the same car paint looks completely different on every car model. Before you choose new car paint, take a look at the best car paint products on the market now.

Are Automotive Paints Unique?

Automotive paints are made of many toxic compounds and they are manufactured specially for coating cars. All types of paint follow a simple method of application where primer is sprayed onto the surface of the car. This prepares the car for the new car paint. The application technique of the paint job, the amount of paint and the depth of color will then decide the eventual shade of the car.

Types of Automotive Paints

There are many types of automotive paints but the major ones are as follows

  • Nitrocellulose paints- these paints are one of oldest varieties of paints. The paint is made up of cellulose and was used on cars since the 50’s.  This paint formulation is particularly good to resist light and pollution and lasts for a long time. Recently, several countries have tightened restrictions on the use of nitrocellulose due to the large amount of organic solvent that evaporates into the air when you use it. You can still find this variety in the market but there are better formulations that you can choose too.
  • Acrylic lacquer is another variant that is really popular. But this paint too requires a thinner to create a really great coat on the car. The finish is smooth and appears glass like. The only requirement is regular buffing to get the paint to shine properly. This paint is still available in the market and is the best variant for beginners to practice with. The paint dries fast and mistakes can be sanded down rapidly too.
  • Acrylic enamel is one of the cheapest paints around and can be easily used by beginners.
  • 2 pack paints are used on all modern cars and are one of the best car paint varieties in the market. They are easy to use and relatively cheap too. The finish lasts long and is extremely damage resistant. The paint is made in two parts where paint and hardener are mixed to create the complete coat. This paint does contain isocyanates though which are considered extremely dangerous to human health.

Can I Mix Two Paint Brands Together?

No you cannot. This is because two different chemical structures of paint are not compatible with each other. Please make sure that you check the original paint on your car and remove it completely before attempting a repaint job.

What Are the Varieties of New Auto Paint that Are in the Market?

The latest shades of auto paint that are popular are pearlescent and metallic. Metallic paints are made by mixing aluminum flakes with the shade of paint that you want. The effect can be controlled by calibrating the amount of flakes that you add to the paint shade. Dozens of shades are available for you to choose from. Pearlescent shades are made of a solid base coat, a pearl flake coat, and a clear top coat. Pearlescent paints can also change when the light hits it causing a color flip when the light hits it. For example, the color Amaranth changes from blue to pink to pink purple depending on the light which strikes it.

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