What to Expect from a Mobile Detailing Service

November 4, 2013

A mobile detailing service provides you with a service that many car owners prefer to entrust to someone else; the procedure of thoroughly cleaning, washing, polishing and waxing a vehicle in order to restore it to its original shine and appearance. Detailing is a process of thoroughly inspecting a vehicle and cleaning it inside and out to improve the appearance of the car. However, detailing involves more than a simple cleaning job; in order to truly detail a car, you must repair any minor blemishes or other damages to the appearance of the vehicle. This procedure also involves the waxing and polishing of the car in an effort to make it look as similar to its off-the-lot appearance as possible. Mobile detailing services come to you in order to complete this task.

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Mobile Service Fee

One thing that you should be aware of before you hire any mobile detailing service is that they are likely to be more expensive than stationary detailing services. In most cases, you'll take your vehicle to a shop or a repair center and have a professional detail the car for you. The detailing process takes a small number of hours, after which point you can return and leave with the car. A mobile service, on the other hand, sends professional detailers to your location or to a meetup location that is convenient to you. The detailers provide the same service, but there is an added service feee associated with a mobile company that you would not have to pay with a stationary company.

Mobile Detail Service Time

The amount of time that you should expect it to take for your vehicle to be detailed from the time that you first contact a mobile detailer depends upon how busy that company is. Many people work with mobile detailers in order to save time. You will have to schedule an appointment with the company depending upon their open schedule. The process of detailing the vehicle itself typically does not take more than 3 to 4 hours for most vehicles. You will need to provide the worker with access to the car, but otherwise you can leave the area or do something else during this time.

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Mobile Service Coverage

A mobile detailing service should generally provide you with the same options for cleaning as a stationary detailing service. If not, you should expect to pay less for the cost of having your vehicle detailed. A standard detailing procedure includes a full interior cleaning (including vacuuming, polishing of windows, cleaning of seat covers and upholstery) a full exterior cleaning (thorough wash job), chrome polishing, waxing, and repair of any damaged seat covers, carpets or paint chips that may have become loose.

If you have any other questions about mobile detaliing services in your area, look online for a list of companies that provide this service. Ask a representative for a price quote.