Where to Find Free Vehicle Maintenance Software Online

January 27, 2012

In order to obtain free vehicle maintenance software, you have to do a little online research. Apart from paying a big price on purchasing a vehicle, the cost of replacing parts and maintaining a car can work out to be expensive. However if preventive maintenance is performed on a routine basis, the overall expenditure for owning a car can be kept low. Preventive maintenance also reduces wear and tear and increases the life of a car. The vehicle maintenance software should have certain features such as fuel economy tracking, reminder gauges to show auto service reminders and maintenance records to show service history. It’s important to bear in mind certain tips that help you find free versions of the software online.


  • There are several websites that offer free vehicle maintenance software. Before downloading any software from such sites it’s advisable to determine the security of these sites and check if they have any spyware or adware associated with the links.
  • Websites such as tucows.com and Prime Time Freeware offer vehicle maintenance software downloads that may be useful.
  • Most companies selling vehicle maintenance software offer a 30 day free trial to assess software capabilities and benefits. You are generally not asked for credit card information at the time of free download.
  • Certain websites such as CAR Care Automotive Software, BrightCar and LONEWOLF SOFTWARE offer free trials on their car maintenance software. They also offer lifetime-free software upgrades and support on car maintenance.

Car Maintenance

You may also choose to avail of the services of CarMD. Free membership provides access to special discounts, CarMD videos and community pages. CarMD sells a handheld tool for diagnosis of vehicle problems. This tool also lets you obtain pre-'smog' emission test results.

Periodic car maintenance is essential for your safety and avoids serious accidents due to faulty parts that require immediate repair.