3 Tips for Lowering a New Truck Price

January 27, 2012

A truck price can depend on a number of factors, including what size truck you want, the towing capacity, the bed capacity, fuel type and drive train.

Trucks can often have a larger number of options than cars. This can affect pricing and have an affect on what kind of value you get from the dealer.

Choose Options Carefully

One way to lower a truck price is to avoid expensive options. For example, many people like the look of a duallya truck with dual tires on the back axle. The demand for these vehicles drives the price up. However, many people do not need the extra load capacity or towing weight capability of these trucks; they are simply buying a dual wheel truck for the looks. 4-wheel drive is another option that adds a great deal to the cost of a truck. For many people, however,  it is an unnecessary feature.

If you don’t need the option, then consider other trucks in order to get a better price.

Decide on Truck Weight Capacity

Trucks come in light duty and heavy duty. They also have different load and towing capacities, and with different cab sizes. Increasing the towing or load capacity or the cab size significantly affects the price of the truck. Consider carefully the work that you need to do with the truck, and determine if you really need an extended cab or extra towing capacity. If not, save yourself money by getting the lighter weight vehicle.

Comparison Shopping

Once you determine the options you need and the size of truck that will do the job, then you should compare prices to determine which dealer has the best prices for a vehicle.

While manufacturer’s sites will contain the listing and description of the models of trucks, their best configuration for a specific purpose and their pricing, they will list only a suggested retail price.

You will find your best price using a comparison tool like the one found at CarsDirect. This tool gives you prices from all the local dealers in your area, and lets you compare the prices so that you can find the best truck price available.

Some models that are not selling well or are overstocked may offer special pricing, financing or other incentives for the buyer. Looking for these specials will lower the price of a vehicle considerably.

Get a Truck Invoice Price

Another way to be sure you get the lowest truck price available is to purchase a new car price sheet from a respected institution.

These guide sheets give you the price that the dealer’s pay for the trucks, and they tell you about any dealer incentives and rebates that are available to the dealers or to the buying public. When you go to a truck dealer armed with this information, the truck price you walk away with is sure to make you happy.

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