How to Calculate Illinois Car Tax

January 26, 2012

An easy way to calculate Illinois car tax is to find the website for the Division of Motor Vehicles in the state. From there you should be able to find out how much you are going to be charged in taxes, fees, and registration requirements. Next, we will give you all that information.

  • CyberDriveIllinois will tell you how much all your license fees and services cost. These should be figured in with your taxes as part of the car sale.
  • The sales taxes you must pay have to be calculated through the state of Illinois. There is a form you need that is free and must be filled out before the taxes can be configured. Here is another website you can go to to get all this information.
  • Once you get that form filled out you can call and get the amount of taxes from the state. Or if you want to look up the taxes and figure them out for yourself,there is another website you can use, which designates the taxes by location. It will tell you the totals of all the taxes and license fees.
  • Once you have all the numbers together, add them to the price of the car you are looking to buy. Then you will get a true picture of what this car is truly going to cost you.
  • In every state there are tax rebates for energy-efficient cars. You may be able to take advantage of them.

Lastly, when you add up all the amounts of fees, taxes and upkeep for the car, make sure you see a future in keeping up those yearly payments. Although they will decrease some as the car ages, some people look at the vehicles to keep for a couple of years and then trade. If you are investing in a car to be used for a few years, then you will want to look at the long term financial upkeep.

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