How to Calculate Oklahoma Car Tax

June 25, 2012

Whether you live in Tulsa, Broken Bow or Oklahoma City, residents are required to pay Oklahoma car tax when purchasing a vehicle. The sales tax rate for the Sooner City is 4.5%, however for most road vehicles, there is a Motor Vehicles Excise Tax assessed at the time of sale or when the new Oklahoma car title is issued in the new owner's name. The excise tax for new cars is 3.25%, and for used cars, the tax is $20.00 for the first $1500.00 and 3.25% on the remainder of the sale price. Typically the tax is determined by the purchase price of the vehicle given that the sale price falls within 20% of the average retail value of the car, regardless of condition. If it's not within that range, an average value is used to derive the excise tax due. More detail on this topic can be found at the Oklahoma Tax Commission's website under Motor Vehicles.

In addition to the vehicle excise tax, incorporated cities and counties of Oklahoma can opt to levy local taxes on car sales. The local tax rates vary, but consumers can find the associated tax rate for the city and county they live in to estimate the amount of local tax that is due to the state on the Oklahoma Tax Commission's website. Current tax rates for sales and use tax across Oklahoma cities and counties are uploaded to the site quarterly. The site doesn't have an Oklahoma car tax calculator, however the information provided gives consumers the information they need to calculate the estimated taxes.

Even though it can be painful to pay car sales taxes in Oklahoma, the funds collected are used to maintain the state's motorways where you can enjoy the beautiful terrain from behind the wheel of your new car.

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