How to Find a Dealer Invoice with a VIN Number

January 27, 2012

A dealer invoice may be found my completing a VIN number search at a car dealership. In most cases, it is impossible to get a dealer invoice on your own without using a local dealership as an intermediary. Of course, if you have used a service like CarsDirect to be put in touch with local dealerships in your area, you may already have a contact in an Internet sales department who can provide you with copies of invoices. This guide highlights how to find the real invoice price for new cars by using the VIN number.

Step 1: Contact a Local Dealership

You can use a service like CarsDirect to be put in touch with local dealerships. Only a dealership can print a dealer invoice by having the VIN number. If a dealership is not willing to print an invoice for you, or you have not yet contacted one, you may also calculate the invoice price on your own.

Step 2: Research the Options and Packages on the Vehicle

Calculating the invoice price manually is easy. Just determine exactly which options are on your preferred vehicle. Next, use a website like CarsDirect to spec out a vehicle with your preferred equipment. This website will provide you with the invoice pricing for each option.

Step 3: Calculate the Invoice Price

Once you have in the invoice amounts for all major options, you must add each option's invoice price together to get the full amount. Be sure to include the destination charge, and remember that the dealership's invoice price may be higher than what you calculated online. Dealerships could have additional, non-negotiable advertising fees on their invoice.

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