How to Find Cars for Free

January 27, 2012

A new car purchase is one of the more costly expenses a person makes in their lifetime, but there are several ways to find cars for free. Here are some of the most common ways to obtain a car at no cost to you.  

  • Go to an auto junk yard or auto recycler near you. You won't find a working car most likely, but a person with mechanical skills can make repairs that will bring a car back to running condition at little or no cost. Online directories like YardQuest are great for finding junk yard locations in your area. The site allows you to search for them by state.
  • Apply to a graphic advertising company that uses cars to promote businesses and products. Companies like AdWrap cover vehicles with vinyl ads and pay people to drive them. Many companies also supply these cars to drivers for free. Car advertising programs are popular, so there are limited spots to fill. Chances of being selected depend on how much you drive and the area you live in. 
  • Win a car in a sweepstakes. The likelihood of winning a car is slim, but if you have time and enjoy entering sweepstakes, you can't go wrong. Some websites rank which car sweepstakes are the best to participate in. They also provide tips on how to increase the chances of winning.
  • Consider getting a job that provides company cars. Many businesses have company cars to help their employees carry out certain tasks. Job search engines like have lists of job postings that involve company car benefits. 

Related Questions and Answers

What Paperwork do You Need to Sell Your Car Online for Free?

The paperwork to sell your car online for free is similar to when selling it for money. You simply have to sign the title over to the new owner. It is a good idea to fill out a bill of sale, showing you are transferring responsibility to the new owner, and that the car is being given away in "AS IS" condition. It is important that there are no implied warranties or guarantees being transferred. In addition, if you are giving it away to a charitable foundation, make sure to get a receipt that shows the value of your gift, as it is tax deductible.

Are There Any Safer Options to Find a Free Car Than the Classified Ads?

Free car classified ads are usually the only way you are going to find a free car. In the majority of cases, these cars will not run. They will require significant repairs to bring them up to legal code in order to get them titled and licensed. If you are in serious financial trouble it is sometimes possible to get a car from a local charity organization. It is best to contact them directly to find out if they give away cars, and what their criteria are. Cars tend to be in great demand and they often have very few of them to give away so it may take awhile before your name gets to the top of the list.

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