How to Properly Fill Out a Post Office Car Tax Form

January 27, 2012

Before you fill out the Post Office car tax form in the UK, you need to keep in mind certain important considerations. As a general guideline, all car owners that use their vehicles on the road are required to have a motor vehicle license, also termed as a car tax disc. It is unlawful in the UK to not tax your car or declare a SORN. Such an offense could lead to a fine of £1000 or more. Thus, you need to follow a few guidelines in order to obtain a tax disc form and apply in person at the Post Office.

Filling Out the Post Office Car Tax Form:

  • You could either post your application for a car tax disc or visit a Post Office branch near you. To find a branch that's closest to you, visit the Post Office website and click on the Counter Services tab. Once you have found a branch in your area, download the V10 form (Application for a tax disc) from the website or pick it up from a Post Office branch or a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) office.
  • If you have a V11 form, also known as the car tax reminder form, you need to fill it out completely and carry a few documents when applying at your local Post Office. The documents include a valid and original insurance certificate, a valid vehicle test certificate (if stated on your reminder form) and/or a valid exemption certificate (for disabled car tax).
  • Alternatively, if you have a V85 form, you must visit a DVLA office to renew your car tax disc. To find out the amount of tax you are required to pay, visit the Post Office website and click on the 'Prices' tab, in the Car Tax section of the site. You should also review the different payment options made available to vehicle owners. Some of them include cheques, debit card payments, cash (only if applying in person), postal order and saving stamps.
  • After obtaining the necessary documents, you need to carefully read the form that you're filling out and understand all the instructions listed therein. Make sure you read the 'Special Notes' and other important information that's stated on the form. If you're applying for a tax disc, you will be asked to give personal details such as your name and address, details about your vehicle and other important information.
  • You must write out all your details clearly and cross check your entries to ensure that your information is accurate. If you have queries about the process or wish to clarify doubts, contact a local DVLA office for help.

If you don't have a vehicle registration certificate and still want to tax your vehicle, you should refer to the guidelines listed on the website, to understand the process used for 'taxing without a vehicle registration'. Moreover, if you need to incorporate a change of name, address or tax class, you may be required to provide additional documents. It's best to refer to the website in order to complete your application with relative ease.

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