How to Submit Car Tax Online in Ireland

January 27, 2012

Renewing your car tax online has never been easier. Ireland has its own Department of Transport, as opposed to the DVLA which governs the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. If you are taxing a vehicle in Northern Ireland, the same rules apply for there as for the United Kingdom.

Northern Ireland Only

  • If You Received a Reminder from the DVLA
    Northern Ireland road tax follows the same process as the UK. You will usually receive your V11 form in the post around two or three weeks before the renewal due date. If you get it sooner, the earliest you are allowed apply for a renewal is the fifth day of the last month on your vehicle license disc termination date. If you are applying using the Vehicle Registration Certificate (Log Book), you are allowed to renew a tax disc on the first day of the expiration month.
  • If You Did Not Receive a Reminder from the DVLA
    You can submit a V10 (Vehicle license application) if you just newly bought the car and did not received a V5C registration form from the DVLA.
  • Applying Online
    Every insurance certificate is now retained on an online database (MID). If you want to apply for a tax disc online you can view the database before applying. MOT records are also retained on the National database and you may also look up your MOT. When you are sure that you have the accurate papers to apply online you can do so, provided you have a valid form of payment.

Republic of Ireland Only

  • Process
    Before you proceed with your online application for car tax in Ireland, make sure you have your renewal/reminder form. This will contain your PIN and vehicle registration number and you will not be able to log into the service without it. Retain your RF100B form. For security reasons, this PIN number cannot be issued by phone or email. Have the vehicle insurance details ready (name of insurer, policy number and expiry date). Have your payment card at hand. Accepted methods of payment are Laser, MasterCard or Visa (including pre-paid vouchers).
  • Processing Your Online Application
    It is a very simple application process to apply for car tax in Ireland. Once you have logged in, at the foot of the homepage, you will see a requirement box for your PIN number. The PIN you should use is the one printed on your renewal/reminder form. You have to confirm the details of your vehicle - they will be displayed on the screen. Confirm your name and address - again, these are shown on screen. At this point you can also notify the Department of Payment. Enter your card details for payment into the secure server.

Once you have completed all these steps you will receive confirmation that your transaction was successful. Your tax disc will be sent to you through the post within four working days.