How to Use the Kelley Blue Book for Car Quotes

January 27, 2012

The Kelley Blue Book site is a great resource for any car shopper looking at car quotes from dealers. Here's how to use it to your advantage.

Kelley Blue Book for New Cars - If you're looking to match a Kelley Blue Book value to a new car quote, get onto the Kelley Blue book site and select the year and model. You'll see a price that corresponds to MSRP or other price estimates. This is not what you should expect from your dealer: the dealer price will be based on dealer cost. However, a new car estimate on Kelley will show you what that car is generally worth on the common market.

Kelley Blue Book for Used Cars - For used car quotes, there are several ways to use Kelley Blue Book values. You will see these when you go onto the site and enter in used car information. The first value is a "Suggested Retail" value that shows what a dealer might charge for that car on the lot. The second value is a "private party" value: what a shopper might pay when buying that used car directly from the owner. The third value is what might be secured at trade in time.

Keep in mind that either way, the Kelley Blue Book represents a handy common value for a specific kind of car. It is never a direct value for the specific car in question. In new cars, dealer costs enter the equation,and in used cars, conditions and features make a big difference.

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