New Car Option Prices: Getting the Most Bang for your Buck

January 27, 2012

When you're looking at new cars, you're faced with a huge range of option prices. Anything beyond the very basic is an option, or so it seems, and will cost you money. You might feel as if you have the choice between spending a great deal more to have the car you really want or just doing without all those options. That's not always the case. Those option prices don't always have to get in the way. You can find other solutions.


The car dealer needs to move cars off the lot in order to make money. The salesperson needs sales to earn their commission. That means they have very good incentives to deal on things, especially option prices.

Go in with a very firm idea of what you want in the way of options on the new car. Don't go overboard and demand everything. Be reasonable and realistic. If you're serious about buying a particular model, tell the salesperson, but demand it comes with the features you want ,and lay down how much you're willing to pay. As long as the price isn't ridiculously low, you'll usually be able to bargain your way into the vehicles you want with the options, and without having to pay option prices.

What Do You Want?

Know what options are available as well as the option prices. Decide what you really want in the car. You might be able to do without the heated mirrors, for example, but think of the CD player as vital. If you can't make a deal for all the options you desire, then select the ones you'd be willing to pay for. If you've haggled well, the cost shouldn't be too great in order to achieve the car of your dreams.


All too often, a car manufacturer will charge over the odds for options. This is possible because customers want convenience. If they can buy the vehicle with the options already installed, so much the better. However, fitting aftermarket options yourself can prove to be much cheaper. This is why knowing option prices is so important.

On things that can be easily fitted later, compare the prices between manufacturer and aftermarket. You might well decide that the best way to get the bang for your buck is to do it yourself. Many people don't think of this, but as a way to save money it can prove extremely effective.

Be Selective

Choose as few options as possible and make sure that the option prices are fair. Your vehicle might not be quite as luxurious as others on the road, but you'll have what you need without having to pay more money than absolutely necessary.

It might not be the ideal solution, but it can keep you within your budget and ensure you have all the things you deem absolutely vital in the vehicle. If you choose to upgrade or add more later, you can do so with aftermarket products. Generally at a savings over the manufacturer's prices.

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