The Best Pickup Truck Prices for New Rides

January 27, 2012

The best pickup truck prices can be found on 2-wheel drive, compact pickup trucks. However, these standard vehicles may not give you all the features you’re looking for. Getting the best truck price means getting the best price on the truck that really fits your needs. So a mid price truck may be better for you that a lower price truck, if it gives you the features you want and need.

Compact Pickups

Compact pickups are one of the most popular types of trucks on the road. It is a smaller version of a light duty truck, usually powered by a 4 or 6-cylinder engine. There are 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive variants from manufacturers such as Isuzu, Mazda, Toyota and Ford. Most prices for a compact pickup are in the $20,000 range depending on the model, and options. Look at the pricing locator for exact prices, but you’ll find your lowest truck prices on compact, 2-wheel drive trucks.

Mid-Sized Pickups

Mid-sized pickups were built for the person who needs to do more than the occasional light-duty hauling. These trucks can handle heavier and larger loads than a compact truck, but also come at a  higher price.

Full-Sized Pickups

A full sized pickup is a vehicle built on a truck frame, where smaller trucks may be built on a car chassis for a smoother ride. Full-sized pickups are suited to carrying or towing large loads. The classes of trucks are measured in fractions of a ton, with capabilities of carrying ½, ¾, 1, or 1 ½ ton capacities. The Ford F150 ½ ton full-sized pickup is one of the most popular models in America.

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