What is Fleet Pricing on New Cars?

March 18, 2013

Fleet pricing is a special discount price offered for the purchase of multiple cars from a dealership. Many types of companies make frequent use of fleet pricing and purchasing, whether it is a car rental service rotating out old rental cars for newer ones, or commercial vehicles for official company use.

Advantages of Fleet Pricing for Buyers

The obvious advantage of fleet pricing for those doing the purchasing is in the price. Because the company can buy in bulk, they are able to save significant amounts compared to what they might pay for the regular sticker price on a car. What is more, they can often negotiate good deals through the dealership on servicing their new fleet of cars, as well as saving money on a trade in price when they decide to swap out the old fleet of cars for the new ones.

Advantages of Fleet Pricing for Dealerships

The reason dealerships can afford to sell their cars at such a significantly lower price is in how many cars they are selling at once; it could take months to sell off an equivalent number of cars from their lot, and there is no guarantee that those cars are going to all sell either. Not only that, they can bring in more income by working out a deal to service the cars sold. This brings in more income, as well as increases their chances that the buyer will return to swap out the old cars for new ones in a few years.


If you are thinking of purchasing car fleets, before becoming set on your favorite cars at a given dealership, remember that different dealerships have different requirements in order to reach the fleet price. The biggest factor is in how many cars must be purchased for it to be considered a car fleet, ranging anywhere from 5 to 15, or more.

For more information on how car fleet pricing can help you, contact the fleet manager at one of your local dealerships.

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