What Is The Average Price Of a New Car?

July 15, 2014

Car shoppers should be aware of the average price of a new car, giving them a reference point for comparing different models, as well as used cars.

New Car On Display

The average price of a new car changes every year, on a more or less upwards trajectory. In 2011, it is around $30,000. Knowing the national average selling price for a new car or truck can help you determine if you are purchasing a relatively inexpensive car or a car that is considered to be an expensive or luxury model.

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How New Car Dealer Prices Are Calculated

Car dealer prices may vary considerably. There are many factors in determining how much a new car dealer is willing to sell a car truck for.

Dealer Invoice
Generally speaking, all new car dealerships pay the same price to the auto maker for a particular make and model new car or truck. The invoice price for new cars and trucks is determined by the manufacturer and reflects the base cost of the vehicle plus any added accessories or options. Common options that increase the price of a vehicle are an automatic transmission, air conditioning or a premium sound system.

There are many other options that cause a vehicle to be more expensive. Therefore, when comparing new car prices, make sure you are doing an apples to apples and oranges to oranges comparison. Always check to make sure that the option kits supplied with the two vehicles are the same.

Shipping Cost
all new car dealerships pay the same price to have new cars and trucks delivered to their lot, regardless of the distance that delivery trucks must travel to bring new cars and trucks to your local new car dealership. This cost is added to the selling price of the vehicle.

Dealer Prep
New car dealerships often provide added value services such as anti-stain treatment, pin striping and other dealer prep options. All of these things add to the cost of a car. Some of them may be options you want--while some may not be. However, whatever services the dealer provides before you take delivery of the vehicle will generally be included in the selling price of the car. Make sure such services are necessary, as many, like undercoating, have already been done by the manufacturer.

Very Popular Vehicle Prices
Many people find that new car dealerships simply will not negotiate at all on certain types of new cars and trucks. There are some models that are extremely popular and hard to keep in stock. For these types of vehicles, dealerships can charge almost as much as they want to. The reason is quite simple, high demand vehicles are harder to find and people will generally pay a higher price to secure them.

Therefore, if you're looking for an extremely popular vehicle, you should throw all standard pricing information out the window--the dealer simply may not be willing to sell these cars for less.

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The Best Car Price Comparison Methods

When trying to find a new car that meets your needs and budget, being able to quickly perform good price comparisons on cars can save you a lot of time, and ultimately a lot of money. Fortunately, there are a lot of excellent resources on the Internet that can help you with this task.

Car Price Buying Guides
The Internet offers many excellent pricing guide websites to help you did find the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and the dealer invoice cost on any new car or truck. However, Kelley Blue Book is perhaps one of the most well-known and popular websites of this type.

The Kelly Blue Book website allows you to quickly view the MSRP and dealer invoice cost for any new make or model car or truck. The website also offers excellent buying guides and reviews and ratings for all types of new cars and trucks. The information on this site can help you save money on your new next car purchase by making sure you're aware how much the vehicle is actually worth--before visiting the dealership.

Save Time and Money
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