6 Benefits of Direct Injection

January 27, 2012

In a car engine, direct injection, or direct fuel injection as it is more commonly known, is the process of forcibly pumping gasoline through a small nozzle or injector under high pressure into a car engine. It's different than relying on low pressure created by intake air to add the fuel to the airstream, as is done in vehicles that use a carburetor. Generally speaking, direct fuel injection offers numerous benefits over a standard carburetor based engine. Here are 6 benefits that a direct injection engine offers.

1. Power Output

With the exception of some high end modified vehicles, fuel injection usually offers a much better power output and performance than a standard carburetor based vehicle.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Because fuel injection is usually controlled by a vehicle's electronic control unit or car computer, fuel consumption is usually managed much better than with a carburetor. It almost always results in better fuel efficiency.

3. Emissions Performance

With better fuel efficiency comes better emissions performance. Fuel injected vehicles produce far fewer carbon based emissions than vehicles with carburetors.

4. Ability to Accommodate Alternative Fuels

Vehicles that use direct fuel injection are better equipped to handle alternative fuels, and fuels with additives that are designed to help keep your car engine clean.

5. Drivability and Smooth Operation

Vehicles that use fuel injection rather than a carburetor usually drive much smoother, because fuel flow is better managed and more consistent.

6. Diagnostic Capability

Because direct injection is regulated by your car's computer, problems with fuel injection can easily be diagnosed with a simple computer diagnostic test.

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