A Guide to Brake Repair Prices

March 18, 2013

When looking for replacement brakes it is important to get excellent brake repair prices. Brakes provide a incredibly imperative function on a vehicle and come in for some grave abuse. There are lots of identifiable signs that your brakes require replacing. Usually a very loud squeal, squeak or grinding sound is a highly distinctive clue.

1 – Quotes

If you are taking your vehicle to your local mechanic and get the job done, do so, provided you trust him or her. Most people know a good mechanic but if you have never visited one before do some research and get recommendations from friends first. Make sure they provide a good quality brake service. Preferably before any auto situations become an emergency. Having to pay for emergency repairs can leave you at the mercy of some unscrupulous mechanics that will drain your wallet on unnecessary or fictitious extras. Find a mechanic with Blue Seal repair facilities or ASE certified. Some will offer a brake rotor service to check the condition of the brakes. Always get a few quotes from various mechanics and get the best deal possible.

2 – DIY

If you are doing the job yourself, verify the part number of the product that needs replacing and compare prices against those of OEM and after market products. Include prices and performance. The last thing you should do is buy cheaper brake parts that will only last you a few months.

3 – Compare Prices

When you are making a comparison against products make for the aftermarket, try to locate brake parts that attract or produce the least amount of brake dust. Getting dust between your brake pads and drums will only serve to destroy both elements a lot earlier than you hoped. Getting a regular brake drum service and over all check of your system will cut long term costs.

4 – Aftermarket Brakes

The aftermarket auto industry is worth for roughly $250 billion in the USA, so there are a vast range of manufacturers to select from. Shop around.

5 – eBay or online

Going on line is perhaps the best mode of tracking down sensibly priced, good quality brake drums. There are hundreds of auto part producers out there keen for your business. Beware, however, that shipping costs can increase the price of new brakes. If you are purchasing online, be certain that you calculate whether you will save on shipping and handling or whether it is better to purchase locally.

6 – OEM’s

Aftermarket brake components are a very good substitute for OEM brakes. Keep in mind, though, that the manufacturing process for aftermarket products is substantially different compared to OEM companies. This is a much less expensive process which is the reason why aftermarket products are less effective and priced accordingly.

7 – Triple A

If you are a member of the AAA some repairs centers will offer a discount to you. Check with your local repair center to see if you qualify.

8 – Types of Vehicle

Remember that costs of repair will vary according to each make and model of vehicle. If your vehicle is a high end vehicle, expect to pay a considerable amount more than if you have a regular mid range vehicle.

9 – Checks and Service

Always remember to have a brake drum service and brake system service regularly. Taking this action will not just prevent you from endangering lives, but will also save you money.

Related Questions and Answers

What are Some Ways to Reduce a Brake Repair Price?

Reducing a brake repair price is a pivotal step in completing the repairs necessary to your braking system. The parts costs for a brake repair can be reduced by purchasing a less expensive brand of brake pads or rotors. Additionally, if the shop recommends rotor replacement but they are still in fair condition, you can save money by changing only the brake pads and not the rotors. Additionally, if the brake repair price you get is from a dealership, you can reduce the price by taking your car to an independent garage, or if you feel comfortable wrenching on your own car, you can even complete the repair yourself.

For more info, see A Guide to Brake Repair Prices

Are Aftermarket Brake Rotors More Expensive to Repair Than Normal Ones?

In most cases, aftermarket brake rotors are less expensive to repair than original equipment manufacturer ones. As aftermarket brake rotors are generally less expensive to purchase in the first place, they are also less expensive to replace when this service is necessary. Should aftermarket brake rotors require resurfacing, there is no reason that resurfacing aftermarket models should cost more than resurfacing factory rotors. The only instance in which aftermarket brake rotors may cost more than normal ones is if you are replacing the factory-spec rotors on your car with performance-oriented aftermarket models. In the case of performance rotors, such as machine-drilled performance rotors, the cost of repairing the equipment is also higher.

For more info, see A Guide to Brake Repair Prices